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MCCR Kinsey 7085


MCCR Kinsey 7085 - RED LWNBRG Frontier 28C x Norseman King 2291

Registration #3863665

We purchased 7085 from my parents as a bred heifer. She was my favorite open heifer at weaning the year prior and the Kinsey cow family was one we wanted to be involved with. The Kinsey cows posses structural integrity, great teat size, and seem to last. 7085's dam was a mainstay cow that reports 13 calves with a 370 day calving interval. 7085 is one of those rare cows that posseses more size and scale than average, but has been a lighter birthweight female. Her daughter by H037, Kinsey 215, sells as well. Due April 13th to RREDS MR OFP 016. 

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