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Our Story

McCormick Reds

Fundamentally Focused

Badger Valley

McCormick Reds is located in southeastern Minnesota. It is owned and operated by Paul and Jackie McCormick. ​


Our focus at McCormick Reds is breeding fundamentally sound Red Angus cattle. Fertility, mothering ability, structural soundness, fleshing ability, temperament, and optimal mature cow size are essentials in our herd. We prioritize increasing growth and carcass productivity, but never at the expense of the fundamentals. We believe a fundamentally focused breeding program gives our commercial customers the greatest opportunity to be profitable in any market condition. 

McCormick Reds started in 2004 when Paul's dad, Mike, purchased a registered Red Angus show heifer for him. Paul helped care for his family's Red Angus herd throughout high school and college, building his own herd along the way. The largest addition to the McCormick Reds herd was in the fall of 2013 when Mike and Paul purchased pick of the bred females from Hamilton Ranches in Twin Bridges, Montana and split the load.​

We were fortunate to have many people give us the opportunity to continue growing our herd as we waited to find a farm to call home. In the spring of 2020, we purchased a farm in Badger Valley, near Caledonia, Minnesota.

Today, the herd consists of around 45 bred females. Heifers start calving the end of January with cows calving mid-February. Cows and calves graze the valleys and ridgetops of the area throughout the summer and are brought back in late fall to be wintered at the home farm.​​


Since 2016, we have sent our bull calves out to our friends at Rhodes Red Angus Ranch in Faulkton, South Dakota. The bulls go on test in September and are marketed in the Rhodes Red Angus Ranch bull sale in February.​


Bred females are available every fall private treaty.

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