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Females For Sale

The bred females shown below are what we have available for the fall of 2023.  We selected these cows strictly on due date. These are the last cows due in our herd. Selecting cows this way gives buyers an opportunity at cows that we normally wouldn't part with. This a good group of young females that can contribute to an established herd or be the foundation for someone that is just starting out. All females have been parentage verified and 50k'd.

The bred heifers are AI bred to the high selling bull from last year's sale, RREDS MR ROLL ON 229. These will be some of the first calves on the ground out of Roll On! The heifers were not exposed to natural service.

The cows were AI bred and then exposed natural service for 90 days.

Click on the cow's picture to be taken to a page that will provide a description, link to her registration page, and video.

You can find details on pricing/health/delivery, breeding information, and an EPD spreadsheet below.

Please reach out if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest!

Service Sires

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